About Us

ARKA is a Greek company, which has been active for more than 30 years in the field of tensile structures and special constructions.

Our skilled, specially trained engineers and architects ceaselessly support and consult highly demanding, complex projects, during the procession of the architectural design and the structural analysis.

Throughout the design process, our team engages in consistent, stable collaboration with the Project Manager. That ensures the strict time schedules and the specific requirements of each project are met with responsibility and high-quality.

The Process

Concept Design

The initial idea of ​​each new project is the creative background, based on which the inspiration of an architectural model of production evolves and transforms, both aesthetically and functionally in the phase of its implementation.

Our continuous, targeted research, along with the experimentation of new forms, is the result of evolutionary technology and the experience of ARKA Team, producing original, innovative and highly functional propositions.


The successful completion of the required studies during static analysis is supported by the most advanced software, always following the international safety protocols of tensile structures.

Detail Development

ARKA Team designs and manufacture customize membrane structures and specialized tensioning components using the finest quality of raw materials through ISO certified processes.

Hence, the design of the construction details of every new project respectively follows all the international safety protocols of tensile structures, illuminating our unique identity.

Eraction Procedures

The erection process is supported by technical teams of certified personnel, always adhering to strict security protocols and providing global services.

Support Services

After installation, ARKA provides maintenance and performs periodic safety controls to ensure stability and efficiency in the quality of all structures.