Transparent Teflon

ETFE (transparent Teflon sheets), is a new excellent choice of the innovative prestressed membrane material offered by ARKA.

It is a completely transparent film, applied either as a single layer membrane or as a 2 – 5 layers that create pre-stretched “cushions”.

These “cushions” are filled with low pressure air ensuring structural stability against wind and snow loads.

The number of sheets consequently depends on the requirements of each project in relation to the structural and thermal requirements of the study.

This material gives he advantage of designing highly demanding contemporary structures in the specialized area of architectural and engineering design of envelopes, roofs and canopies.

At just 1% the weight of glass, ETFE revolutionizes construction, allowing the designer to create an imaginative architecture, exponentially reducing the required steel infrastructure.

The life expectancy of the material can exceed 30 years.