Stretch membrane facades are used either as primary facades or placed in front of a conventional glazing facade.

Membrane facades are unique, especially striking when they are alternated in color or illuminated, and can be used to transform the entire building into a luminous interaction, enhancing the overall architectural expression.

Our specialized study enables architects to create different geometric shapes with the application of prestressed membranes, shapes that could not be made with conventional materials.

Membrane facades offer the building excellent energy efficiency and provide ideal protection against strong sunshine and strong winds.

In several cases it is sufficient to install a single-membrane on the existing façade to significantly improve the U value of the capital glass face.

Tensile membranes achieve light reflection and pave the way for energy and efficient shells, by installing even a secondary membrane skin.

Facade membranes change the architecture and functionality of a given facade and the performance of the energy-intensive building.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improved shading
  • Improved energy transfer resulting in reduced energy costs
  • Interactive architectural shell with additional lighting
  • Membranes can be recycled at the end of their useful life