Ikos Olivia Resort

Open air yoga space coverage.

The criteria for the application of the membrane, from a functional point of view, was the perfect shading of the projection surface of the canopy ensuring cooling and ventilation, while the gentle integration in the building complex was achieved by designing the canopy according to the architectural structure of the building.

The canopy is projected as an architectural sculpture, emphasizing the use of open-air yoga space.

The ecological approach of the applications (choice of raw materials) in relation to their bioclimatic behavior, highlight proposals fully harmonized with the standards of environmental sensitivity. The membrane material is fully recyclable, while its energy-perfect behavior is due to the reflection of UV rays resulting in the creation of a non-energy consuming shell.

The diffusion of natural light in the membrane, ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption of the plant, since the need for artificial lighting support is not required, for most of the day.