PVC-PVDF Membrane

PVC is a traditional raw material used for tensile structures.

PVDF is one of the most innovative sixth generation coating raw materials.

PVC-PVDF is a flexible and extremely durable waterproof material used for prestressed membranes in architectural design.

The base material is made of polyester and glass fibers and then it is enriched with woven fiber substrates which are coated on both sides of the fabric by PVDF resins.

The result is the production of fabric in substrates with special mechanical properties such as tensile strength, tear resistance, heat resistance, etc.

The material is extremely durable while the PVDF coating ensures long-term resistance to weather conditions, air pollution, sunlight, etc.

Due to its excellent weather resistance, PVC-PVDF can be used outdoors without maintenance for a long time.

The mechanical and anti-pollution properties of PVDF membranes are constantly being improved, as a result the warranty of the fabric exceeds 15 and often 20 years.